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2 Hearts /Spades

The Basie convention :

or Muiderberg : weak (<26zp) with 5c M and 4+c m

or  weak (<26zp) with 6c OM and 4c AM

Answers - undisturbed

  • pass

  • 2 ♠ after 2  : to improve the contract. Opener must pass.

  • 2NT : RF, 14+ hp,   interrogative . Partner is interested in the minor suits. Opener has following options :

  • 3♣/♦: 4c ♣/♦ 
  • 3♥ : shows the 6OM/4AM hand
  • 3 ♠/3NT : 5c ♣/♦ 
  • 4♣/C  :  6c ♣/♦ 

  • 3: RF, fit with OM.14+hp. A  minimal opener bids 3OM, a maximal opener 4OM.   
  • 3 OM : barrage

Count Basie

William (Count) Basie ( 21 augustus 1904 – Hollywood, 26 april 1984) was an Afro-American jazzpianist, organist, bigbandleader and called himself “Count of Jazz”. Famous songs of his hand were  One O’Clock Jump and Jumpin’ at the Woodside. He toured several years as solist and accompagnist of blues singers.  In 1928 he played with the Blue Devils of Walter Page to arrrive next as pianist at the Bennie Moten Band in Kansas City. When Moten died in 1935 ,  Basie became bandleader and started to call himself “Count Basie” . Later he moved with his band to New York. The end of his popularity came in sight but he kept on leading his band till his death. He stayed faithful to the Kansas City-jazzstyle and was important for jazz in general and the way he played the piano.